*keeping baby warm*

{if you've been reading my wednesday baby posts...you'll know that i really have not fallen in love with any crib sets out there...there are ones that i "like"...but not enough to push the purchase button. i'm thinking that i'm going to have to piece mill the bedding together. i  found this quilting shop, called blue elephant stitch. it's  an online shop and i love the style of their little quilts...i'm in love with the color combinations of this first one...such sweet blues and greens with some hints of yellow.}

{i really do love the mix of grey and pink together...not sure if i'd want the snowmen on the quilt..but love the vibrant pinks.}

{this is probably my most favorite quilt so far. i love the softness of the browns, blues and pinks...soooo very sweet. i really do like this one...so i'm thinking if it's a girl..hopefully this shop will be able to make me a quilt like this one...we'll see!}
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