*little itty bitty c support members*

{our August Little Itty Bitty C Support Members are two sisters that i've known for a very long time, beth and katy. beth is my age and katy is my older sister's age. beth and i went to middle school and a little bit of high school (before she moved away) together. i have some great memories with beth! one of the memories is that we used to go to the library on tuesday nights just so we could see these two boys that we liked. the boys were older then us..hehe...and they were always at the library on tuesdays...i really don't think it really was for studying. we also had these notebooks that we'd write notes for each other in and we'd pass them back and forth to each other. the funny part is that we used "secret" names so that if anyone got one of our notebooks..they would never know it was us...wanna know our secret names? hehe..makes me laugh...beth was "ben" and i was "dan". lol. ha...fun memories.}

{so back to the package that we received from katy and beth...it was sooo sweet! they got us these adorable stackable memory boxes...that i'll be putting on the baby's dresser and hopefully filling in the near future....a very generous gift card for us addicts and...} 

{this boo boo bunny that i hate to say...but i can't wait to use it. is that bad? isn't this the sweetest thing? they also gave us extra cubes so when the green one gets warm...we have back ups! i thought this bunny was so cute that i stuck it in my purse the same day we got it...so that i could show our friends who are due in january. they had to agree that it was the cutest thing! thank you sooooo much beth and katy!!! we love our sweet gifts!! xoxo!}
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