*for my baby*

{two weekends ago, b and i were out shopping some new kiddy stores and we happened to come across this book. after looking through it, we both decided it was one that we wanted to get for little c. i wish i had more time, i would have taken some photos of our actual book and the inside of it...
but here are a few from amazon's site...}

{okay, so these aren't the best...i'll will really try to take pictures this week...you can check out this site for a couple other pictures. this book is different then any of the other "adoption" books that i've seen before. for one the illustrations are more my taste..adorable yet modern. the pages are made to be filled with all sorts of information about our wait, the day we were matched, the day we meet our little one, their first room...but it also has the typical baby book pages like dislikes and likes...hair..food..words. as it should.}
{i'm eager to start filling in the pages that i can actually fill in right now...and then of course later when we do have more information about our baby...so little c will have two books. a book about his or her journey and a book about his or her childhood.}

{and let's see...is there any updates on our adoption...ah...nope. it stinks..i wish there were. i've been actively checking on our agency's forums. some times i need a break though. ugh. it's hard to look and see that there is little to no movement. actually it seems like it's been quiet for a number of weeks now. i'm so hoping that it picks up this month. i just e-mailed our adoption specialist to find out if she has any updates for us. we actually will be getting a new person working on our "case" as of this month. our specialist is going on maternity leave and won't be around (probably) the rest of the year. so we are interested in meeting this new lady. hopefully our agency will be hosting a waiting families dinner so that we can meet her. we'll see if they can get it together...not holding my breath though. they told us last year that they held waiting family dinners quarterly...the last one they had was a year ago this month...i think it's more like yearly wouldn't you say? i think it's pretty sad considering it's a potluck dinner.}
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