*laboring activities*

{this long weekend was about crossing items off of our long list of things to do...along with of course a little r&r. some of those items were painting interior doors, touching up the kitchen walls from when the counter tops were replaced, spray painting some items for wall decor (will take pictures this week) and cleaning the entire house from top to bottom. a project that i HAD to take care of was finishing some much needed decorations for next weekend's event. i can't really share much information but will say that these items above were not on the list...they made it to the list after working on another project for two hours that turned out looking like...well poo.}

{luckily..it all feel into place and everything worked out. these adorable little owls were purchased from an etsy seller and at the time i didn't have a plan for them. i just knew i could use them for next weekend....but they proved to be more important then what i had expected. i'm super excited to get all the decorations i've been working on pulled together...along with the other host's creations. i hope to have more on that next week! after these tasks were taken care of and some other things were purchased...it was time for some much needed rest and movie time! hope you all had a wonderful labor day weekend!!}

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