*the last project*

{so we've been in our house for over 6 years..we've touched every room in the house whether it be a full blown remodel to minor cosmetic touches. the last room that needs to most attention...i'm sure you could totally guess...the kitchen. this of course would be the most expensive project and that is why it has always stayed at the bottom of the list. i have a feeling this will remain at the bottom for quite a while now that we will have a third family member coming next year. it still doesn't stop me from looking at idea though...like this one above. i love the mixture of modern cabinets and the rustic feel of the bead board walls. the clean lines of the cabinetry make it feel so much less fussy and cluttered where as the texture of the old walls and floors make it feel lived in and gives it a sense of warmth.}

{i'm also a sucker for white subway tiles...it's been done a thousand times over..but it never gets old to me.}

{throw in some soft wood tones and that would be my favorite kitchen...this would be my most ideal kitchen if i could have a new kitchen tomorrow...this would be it but i would have to add a splash of green...
then it would be my ideal kitchen. }
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