*leah duncan*

{i created a treasury on etsy the other day that i titled "harvesting". i was in my fall mood so i picked items that felt like fall to me...while i was picking out items for the treasury, i found an artist named leah duncan. she creates such lovely pieces...from tea towels pictured above to pillows that i know would look amazing in my bedroom...below.}
{i have been looking for a special print to use above my new kitchen sink. two months ago, we had new countertops put in which also meant we got a new sink and faucet..yay! after everything was installed..i tried to put back my art over the faucet area..i realized that my faucet was too tall now and that meant my funky spoon art would no long fit. it was too big so i've been searching for just the right print to replace my old one. it's been hard to find...but i think i found just the right shop who has what i'm looking for...}

{now, if only i could choose which one...}

{..ugh..i want it all...please.}
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