*little itty bitty c support members*

{our September little itty bitty c support committee members sent us a gift this month. they or i should say she is b's sister, Kristy (and her three kids). she is really the one who sent the gifts but the kids are all very supportive of little c and so excited to meet their new cousin. Kristy wanted to get b and i something right now and then later she told us that she has something special for little c. she sent us three books. one for me called God's Promises for Mothers (i've already started reading it...love it!) and one for b called God's Promises for Fathers. Then she sent a book that will come in handy later called The Power of a Praying Parent. it was ironic that she sent us books because before we got them, i was thinking that i really needed something to read at night. i was going to bed feeling like i didn't "end" the night right. i told Kristy this when we called to thank her. it was as if she read my mind. we love our books and love that
 they are for our growing parental library!}

{thank you Kristy!! xo!}

{the little itty bitty c support group was created last june, 15 months ago. at that time, i'm sure the creators (my sisters cara and jen along with my friend, rachel) had no idea this committee would help us through the hardest journey we've ever gone through as a couple. without this committee, we wouldn't be as strong as we are today..don't get me wrong..i (more me then b) have my pity party days...but the committee is what reminds us of what's to come and helps us get through each month as we wait. so thank you to all of you who are apart of the committee...you are so very very special to us!!}
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