*a little update*

{so i haven't done an update on our adoption in quite a while. some of you are friends with me on fb so you probably have heard a little of the news i'm about to tell. let's see...where to start...

{this past sunday, we hit the 15 month mark of waiting for our referral. they are still saying that it's 18 months until referral so that still means december for us. i have been applying to quite a few craft shows in hopes of staying pretty busy for the next three months....but i know with all the upcoming holidays..
the months will fly by! yay!}

 {something else...a couple months ago, we found out that we would be getting a new adoption specialist. we kind of figured this was going to happen since the one we've been working with for the past 18 months was pregnant and due this month (she had her baby). luckily our old a.s. told us our new a.s.'s name so at least we knew something. our agency was supposed to have a get together this month for all of us waiting families so that we could meet the new specialists dealing with south korea. this did not happen. i'm not sure why but when we e-mailed about the event, our new a.s. told us that they hadn't worked out the plans yet. i don't know about you all..but after working with someone for 18 months on the single most important thing in our lives...and then in the midst of it all...get a brand spanking new person to carry us through to the final steps of our adoption....it made us a feel little uneasy. especially since we know nothing about this person except her name. so we've requested a meeting with her. it's not supposed to be anything big but we just want to meet this person face to face and know who we are working with. unfortunately she could not meet this week...
so we are hoping for a day next week. fingers crossed.}

{the last update was something of a shocker. last saturday we got a letter from our agency. it stated that as of the beginning of this month (sept. 1st) the referral fee had gone up $2000.00 for all families who had not received a referral yet. uh...big gulp. we weren't prepared for this...like i'm sure most families weren't. so b had to go through the budget and figure out how to pull 2 grand out of the air. we just hope this is the only increase that we'll face as we wait for our baby...toes crossed this time!}

{so there's the update...not a whole lot of good news...but the positive side of it all is that the months are going quickly...we just hope that the wait doesn't go longer then 18 months...of course that's not in our hands but a Christmas referral sure would be nice!}
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