*bye bye and a wee little update*

{...bye bye..guest bed. it's going to be leaving soon and going to a new home...which makes me very happy...why? this will give us a new wide open room....eek..can't believe i'm saying this...to slowly start making into...a new room for you know who!}
{i will be so very happy to start putting all this stuff away and making homes for it all. you all know that i am soooo ready to make this room into what it's meant to be..little c's room!! yahoo! so many ideas and things i want to get..we'll see how it all works out. the only thing is..i don't want to start too soon. we will clean it up for now but really we will wait until our referral to start decorating. when is the referral coming?? well read below..}

{just a little update...we met with our agency's director and our new social worker (#3) last friday. we have to say..we love our new social worker. she's super sweet, friendly and very efficient. we talked to both of them about our current time line and asked where we were on the waiting list. we want to know if we are still looking at December for our referral which would put us right at 18 months. they didn't have an answer for us (boo) since referrals have slowed down lately. so they are looking into this for us. i asked to find out sooner then later because i'm not sure i could take finding out in December that it's been extended a couple more months. they are also going to let us know where we are on the master list. what's the master list you ask..well it's this huge compiled spread sheet of all the waiting families in the usa dealing with our agency and i believe holt...i may be wrong. we are on this major list and hopefully we are more close to the top then the middle or bottom. fingers and toes super crossed! hopefully we'll find out today?}  
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