*i tried*

{i really did try to get a lot done this weekend...i cut out almost all the appliques i need for my upcoming show..put together a bunch of button ties and made a stack full of bibs...all with the help of b. (thank you b!)
i would have gotten more done but felt ill on sunday and spent most of the day laying or sitting on the sofa. ugh. isn't it always when you need to be productive that your body disagrees with you? i think it's someone's way of telling you that you don't have to work as hard as you think you need to. at least i feel a bit better about my inventory. how was your weekend?} 

{just a note: i have put my shop on vacation so that i can concentrate on building my inventory for the upcoming shows. i'll open it back up once i feel ready for my shows. if you are wondering what shows i'll be at...i'm posting them as i get accepted and putting links to them on the right side bar.}
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