*pumpkin poppers*

{i'm so glad we can still celebrate the pumpkin! one night while doing our grocery shopping at trader joes...there was a large display of their pumpkin bread/muffin mix...b and i looked at each other and we knew the mix had to be bought. i had spoken about wanting to make something pumpkin for days and i was so glad there was an easy mix that i could whip up for us. so i did but i really didn't want to just make standard muffins with the mix..i wanted something a little more festive. the weekend prior to our grocery shopping trip, we picked up a really cute pumpkin pan at joann's. at the time, i had no idea what i was going to use it for. i'm so glad we got it...because i used it to make these itty bitty pumpkin poppers! they were so good....oh and we also picked up their pumpkin pancake mix...sooo can't wait to use it!}

{because we are celebrating the pumpkin still..i wanted to share with you all the ceramic pumpkin that we got from the CL fair. i love it...}
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