*table for two*

{after much talk, b and i decided to stay at home this year. we hated to have to cancel our trip to see our good friends in nashville. it was really hard to do but with b catching my cold and me looking at days of work to catch up on my lack of inventory (for my show this weekend)..we felt it would be best if we stayed home. after deciding to stay home, i knew we would need to just buckle down and rest. the day before thanksgiving, i started to feel like i was coming back down with my cold. boo. staying home was really the best medicine...i went to trader joe's and picked up the typical thanksgiving essentials..turkey, stuffing, yams, rolls and an apple pie. on thanksgiving day, we made our food..which was very good...but we didn't have the standard holiday appetite. we were both worn out and feeling ill. so we spent most of our time on the sofa, watching movies and resting. it was everything we needed. by night fall, we decided we would get up on friday and take advantage of the sales.}

{..and that's what we did. we got up early and went to our local mall. we had our list in hand and ready to pick out some great gifts. we had a blast looking for bargains and trying to get the most out of our budget for the many family members we buy for. we were home by 1:00 and back on the sofa...watching another movie and just getting r&r. we both still have the sniffles but the break did us good.}

{oh and i did get a lot of work done...yay for me! we also managed to put our tree up along with the rest of the Christmas decorations...now it's "go" time. my final show of the year is this weekend! i still have a lot to do to get prepared for it...but i'm not stressing as much as i was for the last show.}

{how was your holiday? i hope it was relaxing and belly filling! now let's talk Christmas shall we?}

{images: martha stewart/yahoo}
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