*all that glitters and sparkles*

{there's something so magical about sparkles and glitter...mix it with a little holiday spirit....
and it makes me giddy.}

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{Happy Monday...wish it was friday already! so how was your weekend? hopefully good!! ours was eventful and too fast. friday was what i consider a bake-a-thon. something that we both did not anticipate. we baked cookies...all...day...long. i think we made over 300! we even managed to package them all up in their pretty tins. saturday was the day to get things done. the first and most important thing was to get all our boxes that were filled with gifts and goodies to the post office. we got there before they opened and we were a little surprised to see that we were not the only ones who had thought to get there early. there were at least 15 people in line when we walked in. it only took a little over a half an hour to get through the line and send our big boxes on their way. now we have a little peace of mind knowing that aspect is finished and we don't have to worry about our families not getting their gifts in time...hopefully. saturday night was b's office party. we had a really nice time...more on this hopefully tomorrow. sunday, we finished all our christmas cards. we stamped, addressed and sealed them. phew. they go out today! another item checked off the list. in between..we got to relax and enjoy each other's company since we didn't get to see each other last week. b was at a job site all week. did you get anything checked off your holiday list this weekend?}  
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