*fingerless and long...*

{i'm in need. now that the weather is frightful here (the low 20's in atlanta is super cold and abnormal right now)...i have been wearing my really cheap stretchy gloves..you know the kind you can pick up for a dollar in assorted colors. i have like five (or six) pairs. i tend to loose them in jackets and pockets so i am constantly picking another pair up. well lately i've noticed that it's super hard to grip my steering wheel with them on...but i don't want to take them off. um...who wants to touch a cold steering wheel? not me. so i have determined that i need the best of both worlds...fingerless gloves...but i'd like them to be long so that the chill doesn't go up my sleeve. picky right ? what can i say..i like to be toasty. i love these above...they are adorable and look soooo warm.}

{you know me...i love me some stripes...}

{these look coooozzzzy and the name is perfect...freezebaby mittens.}

{hopefully santa reads my blog and will leave a pair in my stocking...wink...wink.}
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