*tic tock*

{i got an early gift!!}

{b let me pick out a new watch over the weekend for one of my Christmas presents. i'm pretty particular about my watches so i really don't like for anyone else to get me one without me "approving" it first. sounds rude right? well here's the thing...i have small wrists so i don't like to wear big faced watches...even though i love the idea of a white boyfriend watch. i tend to stick to a certain style. i'll call it the three S's...Small...but not too dainty. Simple...a clean style..nothing too frilly or fancy shaped bands. Silver...i'm a fan...gold bands just don't look right on me. after looking at all of my choices...i picked this one above from Skagen. i love the idea that it's more of a bracelet feel..it's unbelievably light weight and you do not have to remove any links to make it fit. it adjusts similar to a base ball hat. it's small, simple and silver..it's like it was
 made for me.}
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