*i love my friends*

{no really i do. i'm not just saying that. my friends make me feel so incredibly full of love. i feel very lucky to have so many wonderful people in  my life, one of them being my friend rachel. she's a rare gem. a one of a kind. sweeter then sweet. i love her. she has been my cheer team through out our adoption journey. makes me tear up thinking about it. her and i have so much in common, she's like the missing sister to my family. i'm sure you've read about her quite a few times on my blog here. for christmas, she sent me and b the sweetest package. in the mix of everything that's going on in her life (three children, husband deployed and the craziness of the holidays) she thought of us. do i feel like the luckiest person alive? sure do!}

{in our package, she sent this quote canvas that she paints. she knows how much i love her mini quotes...and of course the newest of her designs...but it's the quote that she really wanted us to have. does this not represent our journey or what? i really loved what she wrote in her card...

"this quote reiterates that even when the days pass and it feels like nothing is happening or you're at a stand still, you're not. to make the future possible, everything has to happen today. all the i's have to be dotted and the t's crossed and everyday whether you see progress or not, God is bringing it closer." 

{of course this made me tear up and still does...she hit the nail on the head. it's so true. i'll say it again...it's friends like rachel that have helped me get through this journey of ours. my friends (and always family) give me that extra juice to help me keep going.}

{not only did she sent me and b something but she thought of little c too! she sent little c this dr. seuss golden book...}
{a golden book that little c does not have. one that i will have a blast reading to him or her all the while knowing that someone special bought it for them.}

{thank you dear friend, you have touched my heart yet again. i am truly thankful to have you in my life! much love!!}

{really love my quote i got? you can get your own here...want to get to know rachel...check out her blog here. she's the real deal...} 
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