*a special trip*

{well hopefully today..if the snow/ice lets us...i will be leaving with my aunt for a week. eek! we are headed west to help take care of my two year old niece and to be apart of the welcoming committee to our soon to be newest family member. phew..that was a mouth full. my younger sister is having her second daughter on friday. i'll be an aunt again..yay! that makes it 2 nephews and 5 nieces. my sister is having a c-section (ugh..again.) and will be recovering from surgery as well as taking care of new baby girl. so i'm sure we are going to be pretty busy while we are there...i'm not sure i'll be posting much but i do plan to take a ton of pictures. so if you don't hear from me while i'm out there..i'll have plenty to share when i get back. until then..i hope you all have a great week and if you could...say a prayer or two for my younger sister and her baby. see you all soon!}

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