*pinks and reds*

{for our day, i created my favorite paper garland but this time i decided to make an extremely long one. i really wanted it to ooze valentine's. so i made one that is approximately 8-9' long. i used 8 different shades of red and pink with a couple white pieces thrown in. since it was all about the heart yesterday, i also cut out a range of heart shapes in the same pinks and reds. i sewed the hearts together just like i do my circle garland but as i hung the circle garland, i realized that i wanted to have the hearts hang so that they could twirl in the air. so i cut the garland in three parts and hung them in different locations.}

{i loved how it turned out...but eek after seeing this picture...all i can look at is my gross floor, those white chairs that need to be painted and the strange tiled ceiling...oh well. in person it's very lovely and b loved it.}
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