{you may have noticed that i haven't been posting about our adoption process lately...well more like quite a while. well we are still in the process of waiting for our referral. i have really avoided talking about our process lately only because i haven't had any good news to share. we had our third home study last month and we've been working on the paperwork to finish the home study. it's been rather stagnate until about two weeks ago when i talked with our social worker. she let me know that two families in front of us had received referrals last month. hallelujah..this made me incredibly happy, not really for us but for those families in front of us. i think about these families often. we are at 20 months waiting for our referral, i can't imagine those that have been waiting 2 years plus. so now we are considered close to getting a referral but as we have learned in this journey, there are no guarantees. our referral could be close or it could still be many months away. we will wait and see. for now we are focusing on our house, each other and a possible vacation. yay!}

{don't you love this print? it's been a favorite of mine on etsy for quite some time.}
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