{last friday, i got together with my sweet friend, lani for a little lunch and our normal talk-a-thon. she brought along this fantastic bag of hers and of course i noticed it. how could you not, it was amazing. the pleated linen was so beautiful and the cut was so modern. i loved it. so i asked her who made it, knowing that it had to be something handcrafted since after all...she is the co-owner of Beehive Atlanta. lani told me it was a newer beehive vendor named yorktown road. i recognized the name and the style of the bag but couldn't figure out how...until this weekend.}

{when i realized that these fantastic pleated clutches were apart of yorktown road's collection. these are always on the front page of etsy. as they should be, look at those beautiful pleats. so i took a gander at the rest of the collection and here are a couple items that i fell in love with.....}
{you can visit yorktown's site here or her etsy shop here.}
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