*you will be missed*

{Lynn (b's mom), b and Grandma Alyce}

{last week we got news that we were not expecting. on wednesday, b was traveling and he called me to let me know that Grandma Alyce had fallen earlier in the week and had broken her hip. she had had surgery and was not doing well. later that night, i got another phone call from him. Grandma Alyce had passed away.
 it was so unexpected and such a huge shock. b and i scrambled to get him home, get our stuff together and drove up north. it was so hard to process all that had happened. we were just happy to be able to be there with his family and to attend her funeral.}

{this picture was taken at our baby shower last year. i remember the sweet words she said to me that day. we were taking pictures with her and she turned and looked at me then said "you have a perfect complexion, so beautiful." since we all joked with each other, i thanked her but told her that she needed to get her glasses adjusted. we had a good laugh that day. i will never forget it. i am so thankful that i got to be apart of her family.}

{oh..i almost forgot...since we rushed home late last week, i had to cancel my trunk show. i hope to reschedule a new date in the near future. i will let you know once i do!}
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