*getting back..*

{i feel like i've been gone for weeks. after b and i got back from indiana last week, we packed right back up and drove south to florida. our nephew and b's sister were driving down so that his choir could sing at epcot. we had such a fun time with them! now that we are back...i'm feeling a little behind and in need of some serious catch up. one thing i need to do is catch you all up on what's going on with our adoption.}

{while we were in between trips, we got the most amazing news on our adoption! we are now #1 on the master list...according to our social worker...we are NEXT!! yes...you read that right...we will be getting a referral soon...it's almost like a dream to write that...it's been over 21 months of waiting and very soon we will be seeing our little one. my heart pitter patters thinking of it. all i can think about is his or her room...and..how i can't wait to see our little c's face...to be able to study him or her's picture and learn about our daughter or son. it's so very exciting...but i have to keep busy so that i don't drive my self crazy thinking about it all.}

{first things first...my booth at the beehive is calling me...it's so sad and in need of an update. this new earring display filled with 36 different pairs of button earrings will be finding a spot in the booth this week. i can't wait to update it and to get updated on all my blog reading.}
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