*let's purge*

{this weekend as we were shopping for Oliver's room, we realized we really need to go through a lot of the closets and cabinets and organize them before Ollie comes home. so on saturday afternoon, the first thing we tackled was the bathroom cabinets. b and i went through all of the drawers and top storage area sorting through items we no longer used (i love this feeling!), we set aside a pile that will be donated to goodwill (we realized we have 7 sets of pillows..who needs 14 pillows for a three bedroom home?) and then we created specific spots for Oliver. a basket for all his sweet little toiletries in between mine and ben's baskets, another one for his hooded towels and washcloths and a plastic bin for his tub time toys. it felt so good to organize the bathroom and start to get our son's items in with ours. after we tackled the bathroom, we felt so good about organizing and purging that we decided we needed to look at all the other rooms...even the dreadful attic. we both agreed that the kitchen should be next (this weekend). i'm super excited to go through everything, organize and get rid of items we've been hanging onto. i really would like it to be clutter free by the time Oliver gets home. I even went through my studio yesterday and tossed items that i have hung onto for years thinking i'd use them...only for them to be stuck on some shelf in the back of a closet. ah...it feels good to purge. oh and since i mentioned shopping for Oliver's room...i'll share a "in progress picture"...}
{do you see how bright his room is...this is my favorite room for that reason...it's so cheerful!!}
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