*sitting arrangements*

{ever since we bought our farm house table (four years ago), i have been wanting to get a set of new dining chairs to go with it. we have been using our old white painted wooden chairs that once went with our old oval table. this was supposed to be a temporary thing...but it has been a couple years now and every time i walk into our kitchen/dining room...i am reminded of how much i can't stand the chairs with the table.}

 {so for the past four years, every chance i'd get, i would look for new chairs. of course there was always a budget that would need to be considered and if you've shopped for dining chairs before...you know it's not an inexpensive purchase. for the past year or so i have had my eye on these metal cafe chairs. you can see them on dwr's site and all over the internet in various prices. well recently i found a deal i could not pass up! so we went for it! in the next week or so, our dining table will be surrounded by four metal cafe chairs! yipee! i can not wait!}

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