*so where are we?*

there are many steps that we have to go through before we are able to bring Oliver home. i know..there are some groans out there..i heard them from some of my family members and i totally feel like groaning myself but it is what it is.
these are the steps (pulled from our agency's forum) that we have to take before our son can come home...

1. receive I-600 approval (US side)

2. receive Emigration permit (Korean side)

3. child has visa physical

4. Child is issued immigration visa at the embassy to come to the USA

before we could really start this list...we had a big item to check off...accepting his referral...probably the easiest out of all of these steps. we very happily (like smile from ear to ear floating on our toes happy) drove to our agency and dropped off all the paperwork stating we accepted Oliver's referral on april 8th. this paperwork was sent to Korea letting them know we had accepted and for them to start the process of getting Oliver's legals together. this is a step that is not noted on the four above but is also a big "to do" and we are waiting for very patiently for these legals...or at least trying. these are legal documents that include a family register (birth certificate) and a transfer of guardianship to our agency from our South Korea agency. before we can complete #1 on the list, we need to have two things...our fingerprint renewal which we completed yesterday and Oliver's legals here in the states. once we have these two items completed then we can file the I-600A form. so that is where we are on the "list" of things to do before Ollie comes home. we are praying that his legals get here very soon so that we can continue onto the next step.}

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