{i can't tell you how many fabrics i looked through while searching for Oliver's bedding. b and i went to the fabric stores around town..picked up some samples but never really had that moment where we felt we had THE fabric. i ordered samples from various online fabric shops only to have them be put in the rejection pile. we tried to make a couple of samples work but felt we were just forcing them. i thought for sure i'd just have to just choose A fabric and not really be happy with it. until this week.}
{i got a call that Oliver's rug was in and that same day i got a package from Purl Soho. it just so happened to have THE fabric. as soon as i opened the package..i knew it. on friday, i picked up the rug and was very eager to make sure THE fabric was THE fabric. as soon as i laid the rug on the floor i knew the search was over. it was perfect. so our next step is picking paints for all the furniture pieces....}
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