*our sweet baby boy*

{b and i have been wanting to share our little boy's picture for some time but felt that we needed to wait until we had turned in our acceptance paperwork. it's hard to believe but on thursday, it will have been a month since we first laid eyes on his beautiful face. since that day, we can't stop staring at him. we look at every little feature..his sweet little lips, his rosy cheeks, his long lashes and wispy black hair. we have never held him, kissed his checks or heard him cry, we have never seen him with his eyes open but b and i are so madly in love with our little Oliver Yu-Hyeon. he is our son. we feel it deep in our hearts. God chose us to be his parents and hopefully soon we will be able to hold our precious little boy. until then we pray for his health and happiness. we know that he's in good hands and he will come home, it's all in God's hands.}
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