*special delivery (s)*

{last week and this week...oliver has received some very special packages....this one above is from last week. it was from my friend colleen and ollie's future buddy noah! they decorated the package with fun puffy hearts and alphabet stickers. i have to say i was pretty giddy seeing this package on my door step. these types of stickers were a throw back to my own childhood.}
{inside the box where some very addictive chocolate frosted cake pops all perfectly wrapped and tied with a pretty bow. these yummy gems were handmade by colleen herself! seriously these were very very hard to resist! soooo good colleen!!}
{there were also three books for Oliver. three very special books that Noah had picked out because they were his favorite books. my personal favorite is A Night Night Prayer...not just because the story is way cute and i can't wait to read it to Oliver at night...but because of this...}

{my heart just melted reading this little note to Oliver from Noah...this is what i'm most excited to read Oliver at night...a special night time note from a friend in a different state...so very sweet!}

{thank you so much Colleen and Noah!! XO!!}

{the second package is from this week. sent all the way from Illinois. our friends, The Hammers sent Oliver a sweet package filled with so many thoughtful goodies. in the package was a set of three books...Little Pea, Little Hoot and Little Oink. b and i have been eyeing these books for quite a long time. when ever we've seen them, we always say to each other that we need to get them for our little one...but for some reason we never picked them up. now we don't need to...makes me wonder if someone was reading our minds... ;) there was a special Thomas the train in this package...the reason it is so special is because of it's name and number. the name of this train is Oliver (as you can clearly see) and the number is 11....signifying this year..2011. from what kris told me, this train is pretty hard to find. how cool is it that she was able to find it for Ollie!! i'm sure he is going to LOVE it! last but not least...a lullaby cd but these are not your typical lullabies..these are lullaby renditions of material made by Michael Jackson! you may not know this but b and i have grown up loving most of mj's music...specifically he's older music. so to say we were happy to see this cd is pretty much an understatement. this will be a cd that will be heard in our house quite often once Oliver gets home! soooo many special gifts for our little guy!}

{thank you so much Hammer family!!! XO!!}
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