*jumping for joy*

{so much to be happy for!!}

- today we got an e-mail from our social worker saying GOOD NEWS!!...Oliver's LEGALS are here!!! we waited 10 very long weeks for these special papers!
-Oliver turned 10 months old yesterday!!  thought of him all day and then woke up thinking of him...
-i'm thinking TEN is a GREAT number!! 
- i went this morning and completed our I-600 packet with our agency. it will be fed-ex'd today to the USCIS office!! let the next step begin!! 
- my last big show ended yesterday (a little sad but more relieved to not have to do so much sewing, ironing, pining, cutting..you get the idea.)! we had a pretty awesome time! pictures of that to come later this week...

hope your monday is just wonderful!! 

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