*minty fresh*

{this weekend was spent working on items for the ICE show...which is THIS weekend.  yay! as i mentioned on friday, i've pushed myself to create a lot for this show. (more then i've ever made for any show) apart of that inventory are these 50 pairs of button earrings. i'm so happy i made a lot of these because i had the most fun deciding on what fabrics to use. i think they turned out really well. we will see if they are a hit at the show or not.}

{the tray above is a simple white Target tray that i got last year for my Beehive booth. i recently stopped using it in my booth, so i decided to bring it home and use it for the show. yesterday, b and i were at Michael's getting some supplies when i noticed this super sweet minty polka dot paper. i picked up a couple pieces and when we got home b applied it to the base of the tray. the paper gave the tray an instant pop of color and made the perfect back drop for the button earrings!}
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