*not your typical rainboots*

i'm so very excited to finally announce this!! i have to admit that i've known for awhile...but i couldn't say anything until my friend announced it herself. so here we go....
photo courtesy of leahandmark.com
my friend, Jessica Swift is a very talented designer who works her magic on just about everything she touches...from coasters to fabrics to notebooks to scrapbook paper.. i adore her work and her creativity! i think i tell her that every time i see her. so she told me a month or two ago about this "little" project she was working on and when she mentioned that she wanted to design rainboots...i about screamed with excitement. not only was i excited for her but excited about how amazing her patterned rainboots would look. so Jessica recently announced her plans for her patterned rainboots with get this...a hidden message in each pair! 
You see...Jessica is a self employed designer like many other people i know. She doesn't work for a large company, she works for herself. so in order to make this plan work, she needs help funding the project. so far she has raised just over $12,000.00 of the $18,000.00 she needs to start making her rainboots!! isn't that amazing?? BUT she's not done. she still needs more help.
 here is how it all works...Jessica is using an online site called kickstarter. kickstarter is a site that helps people like Jessica to raise money for creative projects (like her patterned rainboots)... 
1. anyone can donate from $1.00 up to $5,000 (or more).
2. if her project raises the $18,000.00 then your credit card will be charged the amount you donated and the project gets STARTED!! (if she doesn't raise the amount needed, your card will not be charged but we won't think this way will we now....)
3.  here is the sweet part..those who donate get special rewards based on the amount they donated!! 

are you curious?? here are a couple examples of what her rainboots could look like... 
want to help??? hop on over to her kickstarter site to donate and also check out her personal website to see just how amazingly creative Jessica is!
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