*our little celebration*

{on friday, b and i had a nice little dinner at one of our local decatur restaurants...yum!}
{we celebrated our 11th anniversary over drinks and good food, you see on the 24th of June in the year 2000...i placed this ring on that finger...it was the happiest day of my life. i finally after 7 years became mrs. b. clemons}
{i married this handsome man who to this day still makes my heart flutter.}
{and my handsome man got me this cube necklace as a gift. side story: i noticed it at the ICE show and he noticed me eyeing it...so he snuck off during the show and picked it up for me. reason #1323 of why i love him so much...he knows my hints. just like when i mentioned we needed pedicures a couple weeks ago...
on saturday, what did we do...we got pedicures. i so love my husband.}

{photo of necklace by foamy wander}
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