*put on your walking shoes*

{we got Oliver's June well baby check up this week! not a whole lot has changed since last month. he's just a little bit taller and a tiny bit lighter. the biggest change is that he is now walking with the help of others! it explains why he lost a couple ounces. our little guy is going to be walking for sure by the time he comes home!   a shoe fitting is hopefully in our near future. it's exciting to know he's going to start walking soon but sad at the same time. to me, it's a huge milestone that i feel like we are missing. like b says though, there are so many more milestones that we are meant to be apart of. but oh how i wish i could see those little feet and kiss those tiny toes!}

 {the one thing we did notice was that his report was dated last tuesday. which meant he had his wbc earlier then normal. he typically has them on the second friday of every month. we knew there was little chance that our second package had made it to the agency in Korea before last tuesday morning. oh well. it's too bad the agency doesn't call the foster family to let them know there's a package. i assume he will just get this last package and his third one (we will be sending on monday) at his july appointment. even more for him and his foster mom to see and use!}

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