*water resistant*

Water-Resistant Nylon in Khaki - LittleAlison
{i'm always on the look out for a new bag..it's not necessarily because i need one..i just like to look. this shop on etsy called tippythai has caught my eye. i love big bags. i am not a small bag type of gal...not even for a night out. i just feel like i don't have everything i need and trust me i don't really keep a whole lot of things in my purse. i guess i just like knowing that if i did need the space...i would have it? i will say that i have put groceries, clothes, fabrics and other items that i purchased in my purse just so i didn't have to take a plastic bag...so i guess that is a bonus right? check out the other bags tippythai creates...}
Water-Resistant Nylon Bag in Chocolate Brown - Kate
{i love this water resistant one and think it could also double as a diaper bag...}
Grey Water-Resistant Nylon Bag - Melissa
{seriously love this one with it's contrast stitching and zippers.}
Dark Grey Hemp/Cotton Carry-All Tote - Simplicity
{a sweet and simple pleated tote.}
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