*it's time to play the music...*

{as a kid, i LOVED the muppets. i had some favorites of course...didn't we all? for a long time animal was my favorite..he was so wild and kind of dumb but i still liked him. he made me laugh. i also loved kermie. i actually had a life sized stuffed kermit growing up. uh...i actually still have him...boxed up in the attic of course.  growing up, i looked forward to watching the muppet show (and pretty much anything muppets). now that i am an adult, i still go a little crazy for the muppets. i guess i have a sweet spot for them. i can't wait to introduce oliver to the muppets. he actually already has his first muppet...}

{kermie of course. hopefully oliver will love the muppets as much as b and i did growing up. oh and did you know there is gonna be a NEW muppet movie??  yup...this november. mark your calenders. ;)}

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