{oh monday..i hope this week brings good cheer. b and i could really use it.
so did you all have a good weekend? well b and i went out for dinner on friday night to celebrate Oliver's day. we went to a local korean bakery, picked up a dessert, lit a candle, sang to Oliver's sweet picture and made our individual wishes.  fingers crossed that our wishes come true. we mainly relaxed the rest of the weekend. did some organizing, cleaning and planning our future. over all it was a pretty good weekend.}

 {so you may notice that things have changed around here. not only did i tidy up our house, i also worked on my blog. i needed to de-clutter. things that were once on the sides are now mostly at the top...like our journey to Oliver, places i've been featured and some of my favorite blogs. i asked b what he thought as i was working on it and his first reaction was that he wasn't sure he liked not having stuff on the sides but after i enlarged the post pictures...he said he liked it. i'm curious to hear your thoughts. you won't hurt my feelings...it's easy to tweak. hope you all have a wonderful monday!!}

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