*before and after part 1*

{after our house was put on the market last week, b and i decided to revisit the first ever pictures we took of our home. it was a crazy journey back to the past. as we were going through the pictures, i really wanted to see the side by side comparisons of each space. so after we were done, i pulled all of our old and new pictures together and created before and after shots for b to see. i realized i had quite a few. so i thought it would be fun to share them here on my blog. since i have a handful of before and afters...i'll drag it out a little (he-he) and show you a new one each thursday. let's start with the first one shall we? i'm not going in any particular order...so let's start with the back deck area.}

{this first one is a hoot. i love seeing these two pictures side by side. the before....it was a sad...sad looking deck. not sure why there were handrails on the stairs and no where else. ha! oh and the craziness to the left of the deck...what a joke! before we bought the house there was a bird bath in the middle of that mess and we were told it was used as a "pond". this area was dug up in 2005, a year after we bought the house. it HAD to go. i can't tell you how many daffodil bulbs i uncovered...but it was a crazy number. in 2008, we decided it was time to get rid of this platform we called a deck and really build a true outdoor space. what a transformation it made to our house and yard. it made such an impression on our next door neighbors that just this year, they had almost the same deck built off their kitchen area. we hope that our next house will have some type of outdoor living space...and if it doesn't...we know just what to do.} 
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