{oops...did not mean to miss monday. oh well. we've been super busy. lots going on...but i won't bore you with my "to do" list. so how was your weekend? on saturday, b and i went house hunting with our realtor. this time b got to see the houses as well as the interiors. it was interesting to hear what he had to say about each house. i know that we have similar opinions on a lot of things but i never realized how insync we were. as we visited each house, our opinions were almost always the same. that has got to be good when looking for a house right? the final house was one that we had driven by last weekend and we were really excited to see the interior. we fell in love with the lot, the exterior, the driveway, the backyard...but not so much with the interior layout...most of you may know by now (after seeing our before and afters) that i can overlook cosmetic details...but when a room has weird window or wall placements..forget it. so after 12 houses..we are still looking. i know our next home is out there..we just have to find it.}
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