{how was your weekend? ours was sooooo nice. the weather here has been fantastic. we finally got a break last week and had a taste of some beautiful fall weather. on friday, i viewed seven very different houses with my agent. it was a lot more fun then i thought it would be. out of those seven, there was one that i could kind of see us calling home. it had a lot of potential but the ultimate deal breaker was...the yard. a yard is very important to us with two dogs and a son on the way...we know our backyard will be our outdoor living room. so the search continues. 

after viewing the houses, i came home to prepare for our first showing. b came home early to help me prepare the house. i have to say that i was a little more nervous then i thought i would be...but after we left the house i said a prayer and felt much better. our open house is this coming sunday...so maybe we will get some bites..and maybe we won't. time will tell.

even though i didn't find our new home on friday, i did fall in love with a neighborhood. so on saturday morning after our routine gym visit, we grabbed our coffee (and tea) drinks, rolled all the windows down in the car and headed north. i wanted to show b the neighborhood and see what his reaction was. the entrance is lined with trees that shade the road , there is a beautiful grassy median that separates the coming and going lanes. as you continue into the neighborhood the trees start to part to show off the multiple tennis courts and finally the neighborhood pool with the water slide. sigh...we drove all around looking at houses and different neighborhoods...getting a little bit more excited about the possibility of owning a new and bigger home. we will see what the future has in store for us. for now...i hope our week gets a little bit better with maybe an update on our sweet boy. hope you all have a happy monday!}

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