*adding some greenery*

{with our house on the market, i like to have fresh flowers in a couple vases through out the house. i think it helps to soften some of the rooms like our kitchen. i've been going to our local whole foods for my flowers. they always stock a variety to choose from unlike our local grocery stores where i've noticed the selection is slim and the colors are very fluorescent. is yours like that?}

{the last showing we had, i picked up this bundle of green. i'm not sure what it is called but i love it. it was so soft to the touch and the deep green color was begging me to take it home. i knew it would add a little pop of color to our living room. today i get to go pick up some new flowers since we have a showing tonight and an open house on sunday. i have to admit, i do like having our house on the market for this reason.}

{have a great weekend!}
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