*in need of a little R&R..*

{this thursday i will be having surgery on the left side of my neck/ear. i've had a problem for a little more then two years now but with in the last two months, it's gotten much worse. b and i think it's the result of extreme stress. a body can only take so much right? well i've seen my ENT doctor over the past two years regarding this problem and last week he recommended that we finally do something about it. so i'm going "under the knife". something that i'm dreading and to be honest...makes me a little ill to really think about but i'm looking forward to not having this problem any more so the knife it is. i'm not sure how long it will take me to recover, the doctor said 10-12 days but i'm praying for a quick recovery. i have a big project that i need to finish up before thursday so i am going to take the rest of the week off. i hope you all have a great week...and weekend!} 

{p.s. i'm in love with this picture...the colors are soft and restful. via bohemian wornest}
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