*from pumpkins to pinecones*

{Thanksgiving is over...just like that and now it's time to start focusing on Christmas...that's just how it works right? so how was your holiday? we had a really low key Thanksgiving which i'm a-ok with because i ended up getting a really fun head cold from work. i got it last weekend and it ended up taking a turn for the worst. luckily i got to the doctor the day before Thanksgiving to get some medicine. i did however manage to whip up this pumpkin bread (in my favorite bundt pan) for b.
i will admit, once Thanksgiving day was over, we did not waste time...our tree went up, the stockings were hung and we managed to get some gift shopping done. to be honest, i'm ready for Christmas to be here..not just because i adore this holiday, which i do, but it means that we are that much closer to the new year. you know..2012...and you know what 2012 means don't you? eeee...Oliver can hopefully come home! am i eager...you betcha i am! December will mark 8 months waiting for our son to come home and we are beyond anxious to have him in our arms finally. to be able to watch our son grow in front of our eyes instead of through a monthly picture is beyond exciting to me and b. i am however going to try and focus on all the fun activities that comes with the Christmas season. the first thing i did after all the decorations and shopping was order Oliver's stocking. i know he won't be home this year to use it but it was a stocking that i fell in love with earlier this month and had to have it this year. plus i was worried the store might not have it again next year. it's super cute, hopefully we get it next week so i can show it off! next up is b's Christmas party and uh...Christmas cards...what to do this year...hmmm.}

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