*getting a little wild*

{over the weekend, b and i went shopping. we had to get a couple more items for Oliver's Christmas package (which leaves this week...eee) so we headed to the mall.  while we were there we started to talk about what i would wear to b's office Christmas party. it's like in two weekends. b reminded me that i tend to wait until the last minute and never feel completely happy with my dress selection. this is true, but i quickly reminded him (in a joking manner) that it's not my fault the dresses are not made to my proportions. anyone who is a petite 5'-2" will understand that most stylish dresses are either too long or too big. trust me, it's not fun to go dress shopping with me. i love dresses and love to try on dresses...but they don't love me back. b is very patient with me and understands my frustrations with clothes so we decided to try out a couple of my favorite stores. we ended at zara where i tend to have a little more luck in the dress department. i ended up trying on three different dresses. the first one i tried on was a grey lace dress (above). it was really pretty on. the only problem was the back.}
{the back was a little too open for me. it was pretty but the way it was constructed, you would have to wear a strapless bra which was not a problem at all. i think it was more of the way it sat on my shoulders, i felt the whole dress would fall off if i bent over. not a good thing when you are attending your husband's company party right? so it was a no.}
{then i tried on this dress which was a pretty shimmery green design. kind of festive right? it was nice and felt good on but in the end we both agreed it wasn't festive on me. really...it did nothing for me. next. the last dress i tried on was something i had just decided to grab and try on. i would never in a million years run up to this dress and say..it's me! there was something about it that i felt i needed to at least try and if anything..have a good laugh.}
{well i didn't laugh when i put this dress on. i smiled...pretty...big. i liked how it fit...every where. i even liked the snake skin print. i walked out of the dressing room with a smile and i think b could see i liked this dress. so we bought it. i'm still surprised that i like this dress because i tend to shy away from prints...especially animal prints. i'm thinking i'll be wearing some black tights and black heels with this dress...or maybe i should do nude on the bottom...hmmmm....we will see.}

{do you have a Christmas party to go to? if so...what are you wearing??} 
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