{we are so very fortunate to have such amazing friends. i feel like i say that a lot but it's true...some times i need to stop and pinch myself. there is a fantastic group of gals that have been so amazing to have as friends and have a special place in my heart. i could go on and on about them...but i will keep it at that. since we are not traveling and will be having Oliver escorted, many of our friends have offered to pick items up for us while they visit Korea. i've pretty much taken most of them up on the offer. the one aspect that has always bothered me was not being able to bring beautiful reminders of Korea home for Oliver. i want Oliver to see things in each room that he can look at and know it came from his birth country. my friends have made that possible!}

{i have a plan for some of the items we will be getting. i am going to put them in a secret location hidden from Oliver. sounds so mean right? well keep reading...it gets better. so on special days (like our finalization day or his birthday etc.), b and i will select an item out of the hidden treasures and we will give it to Oliver on that specific special day. it will be a sweet surprise all the way from Korea. my older sister, Cara started this years ago. her oldest daughter, V was born in Russia and when Cara was there she picked up small items that she knew she could give to V one day in the future. she also had friends who would go back to Russia each year and Cara would give them money to pick up more gifts so that she could continue giving Russian treasures on special days. i've always liked the idea so i am going to use it for Oliver. i want to document what we get from Korea so let me show you what we've received so far....this first post is from my friend Kris. she recently went to Korea to bring back her second son and during her trip...she and her husband, Jason picked out these beautiful treasures for us....take a look.}

{thank you again kris (and jason)!!!!}
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