*tis is is*

 {i need to get one of these towels...i have been really trying to focus on the positives in life and not focus on the negatives. there are days where the negative will get to me...but the next day, i shrug them off and move on. today...IS a good day.}

{it's the week of Christmas and in the process of trying to get ready for the big day, we've had two showings on our house since friday and will have another tomorrow night. i'm not sure what to make of it all but i believe if we are meant to move..then something will come out of all these showings..and if not..then oh well. we will just have a very clean house. ;)}

{p.s. i got an early Christmas present from b...i'm addicted to it..the flipbook app is Awe-some!}

{p.s.s. as i was typing this post...my sweet Arden was having a good dream..her little tail was wagging. smile.}
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