*an award...for me?*

so here it goes...
three rules apply to this award:

1. thank the person(s) who gave this award to you.
2. list 7 things that people may not know about you.
3. pass it on to 15 other bloggers. (i passed it on to 7)

 first things first...thank you to my sweet friend Christine for the award!! :) 
AND my friend Jacklyn who just awarded me today! yay!

7 things people may not know about me....

hmmm..i think this might be a little hard. due to fun fact #1...

1. i've been blogging since november of 2005...crazy right? i've said a lot over the last 6 + years so i apologize if any of these are redundant but if you'd like a good laugh...
check out my first post.

2.  i have really cold feet. i do wear socks (most of the time) but they still stay cold. there have been times where i will get into bed with a pair of socks on and b will immediately tell me to put another pair on. i guess the saying is true...
cold feet..warm heart. he-he.

3. you will rarely see me with my hair up. i do wear it up but it's only when i'm either working out or if i'm lounging around the house. i almost never wear it up to go meet friends, or to work and i will almost never pose for pictures with my hair up. i guess i think i look funny...can't really pin point the problem...

4. i can not stand for my clothes to be wrinkly. really it's pretty bad...i will even iron my work out clothes before i go to the gym. i've seen people with wrinkly clothes and i can't help but wonder if they pulled them out of the clothes hamper...maybe it's an ocd thing?

5. i am obsessed with beauty products...shampoos, lotions, makeup and everything else in between. i guess it all stems from my childhood. i grew up in a house with 4 other women (my poor dad). you used the products that were bought...there wasn't a specific shampoo or moose you wanted unless you bought it. once i was old enough to work, i used my pay checks to either buy clothes or to get my very own products (that i would lock up in my room). i know i went crazy...still kind of do. i like to have at least three to four shampoos available. i just like knowing that i have variety. i think my younger sister and i share this fun fact.

6. unlike my friend Jacklyn, i loved my twenties..i graduated college, married my high school sweetheart, moved to st. louis, found our sweet noah, had my first and best design job, moved to atlanta, bought our first house and found our sweet arden.
i can honestly say...i have not fully embraced my thirties. before my thirtieth birthday, my uncle bob (ub) said to me that he loved his thirties and he thought i would too. so on my thirtieth birthday, i thought to myself...these are going to be the best years yet. sorry ub...still not feeling my thirties. boo. i'm hoping the next half of my thirties will be so much better then the first half. 

7. to be honest, i'm going a little crazy right now. i like to change up my environment (hence...my blog header has changed again). i'm not one of those people who keeps things looking the same for too long. when i was younger and had my own bedroom, i would move my furniture around...a lot. i did the same in college. it helped that i had a different space each year. i also changed my hair style each year...i've gotten a little lax on that aspect though i'm not afraid to wake off my hair at any given time.  b knows that i have to change something from time to time. at the beginning of each year, i get the itch to change something. a new wall color, a new piece of furniture...something. with our house being on the market, i can't really change any wall colors right now...and moving furniture around has become quite boring. after living in our house for 7 years...i've moved the furniture around enough to know what works and what doesn't. i guess that is why i'm ready to move to a new house. it's a new change...and a new challenge. until then...i'm thinking new throw pillows? 

okay so now that you've learned some interesting facts about me..i would like to nominate the following friends...

1. rachel
2. bridgette
3. karen
3. lindsay 
4. lula
5. april
6. grace
7. travis
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