*for a boy who loves books*

{a couple weeks ago, we received a belated Christmas gift for Oliver. since b and i went home for the holidays, Oliver's G.A.S (we chuckle every time at this...it's his Great Aunt Susie) couldn't give us his gift until we got back home (she lives a half an hour away from us). Oliver received three wonderful books from his g.a.s....the first book is now one of my favorite alphabet books. it's adorable and what i love about it is that it's all boy...take a look...}
{aren't the graphics great? wait...there is a bonus to this awesome book...the cover is an actual poster showcasing the whole alphabet...trust me if Oliver had an open wall space..this would be framed and hung in his room...}
{the other two books were Christmas related which now that i think about it...Oliver doesn't have any Christmas books..so these are his first! the second Christmas book brought me and b back to our childhood...wanna know how?}
{see the green sticker on the pine illustration? it's a scratch and sniff book! seriously...could it get any better? do you remember all the stickers that were scratch and sniff? mmmm...we do. i can't wait to share this book with Oliver and see his reaction. he-he...makes me smile thinking about it.}
{the last part of the gift was the icing on the cake...book plates with Oliver's name on them! they did not stay on the sheets long...as soon as i had a free moment, all of Oliver's special books got stickered.}

{thank you GAS!! we love you!!}
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