*get it*

{so how was your weekend? ours went by pretty fast but it was a lot of fun.
we pretty much surrounded ourselves with friends both friday and saturday and then had a really relaxing easy day on sunday.
i love weekends like these.}

{so on saturday, my friend Bridgette and i were talking about all sorts of fun random things (don't you love conversations like that?) and she asked me if i was specific about the tea i drink. i told her that i do have favorites but i'm not one of those types of "tea" people that have to have the same tea over and over again. i'm always open to trying new ones. i do however have some teas that i like to buy and have on hand. i was telling her about this line of tea that b bought me last year for Valentines Day. i can't believe i haven't posted about it before...
it's called Be Well by The Red Tea Republic. it's an organic rooibos-based tea blend that is caffeine free (yay for me...for health reasons, i had to give up caffeine almost three years ago). there are 17 different teas to choose from in this collection, i've tried three (get happy, get passionate and get gorgeous) and i have to say..i love all three of them. they are really tasty. i usually drink them at night with a little agave nectar mixed in. yum-me! i would like to try some of the other ones like the get clean and get wellness..but i should probably finish the three tins i have right now.
so do you like tea and if so...do you have a favorite one?}

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