*lets talk clothes..*

{boys clothes. too many times..boys clothes are overlooked and girls clothes get all the attention. i know..because there are dresses and bows and tights and glitter and well you can easily get swept away in little girls clothes. i admit it..i did...before we decided to adopt. at the time, we were buying for our four nieces and had loads of friends who had daughters. it was easy to get sucked into all the pink and frilly-ness. i thought back then that buying for boys was boring...shirt and pants or shirt and shorts...borrrring. once b and i started our adoption process and knew that our chances of having a son where great...my outlook on boy's clothes changed. it even changed my vision for plum.tree. i started to see boys clothes differently. they weren't boring anymore. matter of fact...i felt that buying for boys was/is just as fun as buying for little girls. fast forward to this year...b and i have been buying for Oliver since the day we found out about him...and we haven't stopped. actually it's become quite addicting....
{and just to prove my point...these are the clothes that b and i picked
up for Oliver in November/December alone:
10 pairs of pants
3 puffy vests
2 hooded sweatshirts (this was me only...couldn't help myself)
2 long sleeved shirts and 1 striped tee}
{Ollie will have three pairs of cords to choose from...of course these are in different sizes so they can't be worn at once. we decided we'd spread them out...12-18m, 18-24m and 2t...
our little guy is...well little.}
{we admitted that we went a little crazy on the puffy vests....we bought the two pictured above while we were in Seattle (holla!)...they are different sizes so once he grows out of one...he will have a new one in a different color. the striped vest was something we could not resist. it says 80's all over it...being that we grew up in the 80's...we had to pick it up.}
{no little boy is complete without a cool pair of jeans...Oliver has a couple pairs already but who has just one pair of jeans? so we picked up more. oh and you are probably eyeing my solo purchase...the striped hoodie with some seriously awesome stitching. is it sad that i am super excited to see Ollie in this? the only thing we really have not bought for our son is...shoes! we have no idea how big or small his feet are and pictures are so deceiving...so we will wait until he's home. something that b and i love to buy but isn't pictured is...pjs. i think we both realized this past year just how cute and fun it was to shop for little pjs. so do you find shopping for boys fun or boring?}

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