*no cutting here..*

{i've had in the back of my mind an idea...i've been "growing" out my hair for the past 6 or so months and only going in to see my hair stylist for a mild trim or adding some layers so that it's not so long on my face. the idea i've had is that i will keep letting it grow until we get Oliver's travel call. once we have that date, i will set up an appointment to get my hair cut to a less time consuming do. especially since my little guy will be over a year and a half and probably running, climbing, jumping all over the place. the one thing that i haven't decided is just how short i will go...the other night i had a dream that my hair was this short..}

{i adore this pixie cute. i've actually had my hair this short (maybe not as cute as above) before back in college and i loved it but the growing out part was the worst...then i thought about how much i love having my hair in a layered bob but maybe going a little shorter then what i've had in the past...something like this...were i can wear it straight or with a little curl...}

{i don't know how much hair i will have to cut by the time we get a travel call because i'm praying it's by march...but what ever i do have, i'd like to donate it. i've never done this before so it will be fun to know i'm not only getting my hair cut in celebration of my son coming home but also i'm growing out my hair for a good cause. let's see how long my hair will get shall we....}

{images via my pinterest page..for me.}

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